Thursday, 8 January 2009

Pizza Hut

We went to the cinema last night, and T wanted to go to Pizza Hut. I haven't been for over two years, and wasn't overly thrilled at the suggestion, but eventually I agreed to go.

The decor was still as cheesy and early nineties as I remembered it, but they'd tried to jazz it up a bit in places. The hatch where the food comes out the kitchen had been decorated with exposed brickwork to look a bit rustic. They also serve alcohol now, which I wasn't expecting, although that might just be because the last time I frequented Pizza Hut I was under-18.

We ordered barbecue chicken wings and a large pizza to share. I was pleased we could get a thin crust pizza, as I am not really a fan of the pan pizza. I don't get why you would want loads of dough and not that much topping.

The chicken wings came first. I've noticed on TV and in food writing, they often talk about buying free range or organic chicken because it tastes more "chickeny". I haven't really ever noticed this, I guess because I never buy battery chicken to compare with. Once I'd got through the overly sweet barbecue sauce, the chicken underneath tasted of... nothing. I finally realised what Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall has been going on about.

In another faux-rustic touch, the pizza came on a wooden paddle, although one that was far too weedy to venture in to a pizza oven. T's side was pepperoni, and mine was "vegetable supreme". Even though we'd ordered thin crust, the pizza was still quite doughy, and the crust wasn't crispy, which was disappointing. I was also expecting the vegetables to have been pre-cooked, so they weren't still raw. Although 10 minutes in the oven had softened up the mushrooms, the peppers were still a little to crunchy, and the onion was noticeably pungent. T seemed to enjoy his pepperoni, although he paid for it later with my onion breath!

Given how much we paid, I think you could get a much superior pizza for not much more. Even my last venture to Domino's was better. While T argued Pizza Hut had its place as a "quick snack before the cinema" kind of eatery, there are plenty of places in Edinburgh that serve better food for a similar price. Unfortunately for them, they aren't 30 seconds away from Cineworld.