Monday, 1 December 2008

My Name is Jenny


My name is Jenny, and I have a borderline unhealthy interest in food...

I grew up in London, and cooked a fair bit as a child and teenager. I also studied a little bit of photography at school (check out my City & Guilds, distinction!). However, I never really went much further than taking stupid photos of my friends acting out Greek myths, and the pinnacle of my culinary success was chicken fajitas and the odd sponge cake. I did once ice a cake to look like an American flag though.

In 2005, I moved to Edinburgh to start my degree. I lived in catered halls, and when I didn't fancy industrial portions of pasta bake, I had to improvise with a kettle, toaster and microwave. Moving in to a proper flat the next year, I rediscovered my love of cooking and (more importantly) eating.

Over the past year, I have been increasingly ambitious and prolific in my cookery projects. I started this blog in December 2008 as a personal diary about what I'd been up to, but mainly because I needed a reason to spend 40 minutes setting up camera equipment to get a half decent shot of a muffin.

I tend to blog about baking, as my "fun" projects tend to be sweet things. I am trying to write about more savoury subjects (not that baking is unsavoury as such...) but I usually eat these items before I can take a picture. I also write a few reviews and rants, usually about places I've eaten in, but sometimes about shops or markets I've visited. Generally I don't post recipes as I usually follow someone else's, and these are usually linked to in the post. I have made a few concoctions of my own recently, so hopefully more recipes will be appearing in the future.

Thanks for reading my site, and let me know your thoughts... Most posts allow comments, and if you have a question I'll definitely get back to you!