Thursday, 25 December 2008

Christmas Pudding

Happy Christmas!

Way back in October I made some Christmas puddings, and today they finally get to be tasted! (Although I made one for my flat which my flatmates and I cracked open last week.)

At T's we had a 1 pint pudding, which we microwaved for 10 mins. It was a little too moist in the middle, so I reckon it should have had another 10 minutes. The one I'd made for the flat had been steamed for 2 hours and that was perfect, but in the chaos of Christmas dinner there was no room on the hob for another pan, so we had to chance it in the microwave.

I still have loads of dried fruit in the cupboard, so perhaps a Christmas cake is in order? If I make it soon then it can mature for a year! Having said that, I don't know many people who like Christmas cake anymore (apart from maybe my dad) so maybe I would be better off making some more puddings.