Saturday, 3 January 2009

The £7.42 Chicken Challenge: Part II

I used the saved carcass from the chicken the other day to make stock. I boiled the carcass and skin with an onion, some celery, loads of garlic, some cloves and a bay leaf. I meant to leave it for 2 hours, but ended up leaving it for four!

I got quite a thick, aromatic, concentrated stock, and managed to get exactly 2 litres out of it. I think I'll probably water it down to 4 litres when I use it, unless I use it in a curry, in which case the spicy element will probably work quite well.

I should make stock more often, once you've chopped things up and put them in the pot, you don't have to do anything to it, apart from skimming off any scum or fat that comes to the surface. I think I spent about 20 minutes working on the stock, and the rest of the time doing other stuff while it bubbled away.

A quick look at online supermarkets reveals that you'd pay about £4 for 2l of fresh stock so worth the effort I think!