Monday, 27 July 2009

Raspberry Crumble, with a Hint of Strawberry

Last week, I went down to Durham for a night to visit my flatmate H, who has graduated, moved out of the flat, and is about to start a very exciting new project updating a guidebook (I want her job!). On the train down, I got a text from T. The strawberries we'd picked a few days ago were becoming over-ripe and squishy, with a couple already mouldy and in the bin. We decided to mush up any that looked on their last legs and freeze them.

When I returned from H's, I made the gooseberry snow, and froze the last couple of handfuls of remaining gooseberries. Now I just had a punnet of raspberries to deal with. I'd already used some for a very boozy cranachan (recipe to come later once I remember how much raspberry vodka I put in it...) but there were still quite a fair amount in the punnet.

So... it had to be some kind of recipe that was mostly fruit, as I didn't fancy a pile of cream and carbohydrates with just a couple of berries on top. It also had to be quick and simple, as 1 Vs 100 was on Xbox Live. I know this is the lamest thing ever, but I really, really, REALLY love trivia quizzes.

Raspberry crumble won. It is simple, quick, easy to clear up, great hot, good cold and gives fruit the starring role. Plus it always reminds of being a kid as crumble was about the only pudding my mum could be bothered to cook!

Raspberry Crumble

I completely guessed the recipe, as I forgot to bring my scales over to T's flat.

1/4 packet of butter (about 75g?)
A good sprinkle of flour
A good sprinkle of oats
A small sprinkle of sugar
Pinch of salt
Pinch of ginger

The mixture seemed crumbly enough, and looked like there was enough to cover the dish I'd dumped all the raspberries in to. Just as I was about to add the topping, I remembered the frozen strawberries. There wasn't that much so I defrosted the mush in a saucepan with a dash of water and threw that in with the raspberries too.


After 30 minutes in a gas mark 5 oven, the juice from the berries was staining the edges of the crumble, which had turned golden and crispy. We ate it with a small dollop of ice cream that was lurking in the back of the freezer. The fruit underneath was sweet, with a slight sourness, and had turned jammy and thick. The flavour of the strawberries wasn't obvious, but it tempered the intensity of the raspberries and made the whole affair even more yummy.

I finished off the last portion today while watching Eggheads. Sometimes I love being unemployed.