Thursday, 9 July 2009

English Muffins

Sometimes while perusing the internet, or reading a magazine or cook book, a certain recipe will jump out at me. Not in a "I should make this later" kind of way, but "I MUST MAKE THIS NOW" kind of way.

They tend to be simple, and use store-cupboard ingredients. Just as some people emotionally eat, I emotionally bake. When it's late at night, and you give me recipe using things I have in the cupboard, I'm totally going to go for it.

The last time I had an impulse bake I made raspberry muffins, but this time it was cinnamon raisin English muffins. I started just after midnight, so that was a good idea. Washing up at 3am was not fun. Watching Psychoville on iplayer while waiting for the batter to rise was more fun, although that is not the best show to watch on your own late at night!

However, the muffins were really easy to make, although I didn't have enough milk so I used watered down fromage frais instead. I have no idea what effect this had on the muffins, but the batter looked the right consistency so I ploughed on regardless.

The ongoing dilemma of the misshapen frying pan meant that it was hard to get the muffins to stay round and cook at the right speed, but they came out of the pan looking presentable enough. I left them overnight to cool, and toasted them for breakfast.

Bad muffins!

They were not good at all! They were still yeasty and uncooked inside, and unpleasantly chewy. I think I must have had them over too high a heat, as the outside was burning but the inside wasn't cooked through yet. This should teach me to attempt yeasted goods at 2am.